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A comprehensive approach to volume and tone control for drums in the church setting and everywhere else


“Like many churches, our church had a drum volume problem - so we spent thousands of dollars on a high end drum enclosure. While it did solve our volume problem it created several other complicated problems that our volunteer tech team couldn’t manage. So we sold it, got rid of our brand name kit and bought a custom Parish set with a full set of Republic Cymbals. It was the right choice! First of all, the kit looks beautiful and a whole lot less “offensive” than our old kit. Most importantly, it sounds amazing; it’s much quieter, and sounds awesome mic’d up. Plus - the Tradition cymbals are perfect! They are much less harsh than our old cymbals and still offer a rich, balanced sound. We couldn’t be happier!” - Ryan Marcella - Associate Pastor - Orangeburg Ave Baptist Church - Modesto, CA

“I’d been looking for a kit like this for years and finally found it! We have a medium sized room with about 250 seats, and not a lot of acoustic treatment. These drums are well controlled, fit the space, and sound beautiful.” - Karl Klemmer - Associate Pastor and Worship Leader - First Baptist Jackson - Jackson, WY